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Montage Puppy Notes:
Use a Puppy Safe Zone to Minimize Separation Anxiety

Xpen placed in a kitchen corner.

Baby gated kitchen.
Separation Anxiety is normal for Belgian puppies as this is a velcro breed designed to be the shepherd's constant companion. If left unaddressed this desire to be with you 24/7 can develop into an extreme problem down the road, so its best to get puppies used to being apart from you starting at an early age. The best way to do this is to use a puppy safe zone. This could be the kitchen gated off with a baby gate, or an xpen placed in an open area of the house. It should not be a closed room or a gate in front of an upstairs bedroom. The idea is to leave your puppy in a main area of the house where he can see you coming and going as you do chores around the house, or you are nearby and he is separated by a gate or xpen and yet you are still there. This will allow the puppy to get used to being apart from your body, and learn to feel secure without being glued to your side.

The puppy safe area should be a place that is free from hazards and where its okay for the puppy to have an accident. Include a nice doggy bed, toys, and chews to make it inviting. The first few times you leave yoru puppy in his area, be prepared for screaming and carrying on. Start with a short time in but make sure you do not let the puppy out if he is screaming (unless you think he really has to potty) otherwise you will teach him that screaming makes the gate open. When you put your puppy in his area, give him a treat and also give him something yummy to occupy himself and distract him from worries, such as a chew bone or a kong stuffed with peanut butter. Whenever you actually do leave the house, put the puppy in his safe area and he will already be used some degree of separation and feel secure.

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Kathy Madden
Montage Tervuren
New York, NY USA