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mini in size medium = for puppies 2-4 mo. (buckle too big in soft snap version, use limited slip)
small = for puppies over 4 months old
medium (13-19") = example Torchy, Ava
large (14-22") = example George, Saint

30" long 1/4" wide

COLLARS  I use collars made of a soft material that won't wear a hole around the ruff. The "limited slip" style can't choke the dog but still gives a little control for walking. They also come in non-limited slip with a snap closure.
LEADS I start my puppies with a thin, light nylon lead, not expensive because Belgian puppies love to tug on leashes and carry them in their mouths. After they are over this phase, I switch to a 4-6 foot thin leather leash for walking/training and a short flat-braided leather leash (30" long 1/4" wide) for training. The flat braided leads are really nice because they get softer and tighter with time, and are just the right length to snap around my waist when I take them off.

WHERE TO ORDER COLLARS & LEADS:   Order collars from White Pine Outfitters
Order short flat-braided training leads from J and J Dog Supplies for Obedience, Agility & Flyball

Toivo on the table
GROOMING TABLES  While you might think grooming tables are just for showdogs, actually this is one piece of equipment I have never known anyone to regret purchasing. A table makes life so much easier, and care of coat and nails is a snap! Most pet catalogs carry grooming tables, but the brand I like best because it is stable but very lightweight, is called Sett-r-rite and also a new brand called Ultralight.
  • Size 24 x 38
  • Height 30"
  • Leg style Square Tube
  • Surface style Medium Texture
  • Grooming arm single bolt clamp with noose
    Toivo is modeling a Sett-r-rite adjustable height 42" table but the 38" is a fine size for Belgians.

    NOTE: you have to train your dog to accept a noose restraint and never, ever (!!!) step away from the dog while restrained this way -- if he falls or jumps off the table he could choke to death. I only use the arm and noose for extra control if I don't have someone else to hold the dog and he keeps turning while I am scissors shaping hocks and feet, or trimming nails. All my Belgians love to jump on the table and love to be groomed, and they would lie there all day being line brushed without any restraint needed.

    WHERE TO ORDER A LIGHTWEIGHT TABLE   Table Works carries Sett-r-rite and Ultralight tables.

  • Some dogs can get a bit carried away with the table concept!

    Favorite grooming tools

  • Pin brush - without coated tips (which can rip out hair) - start with a softer brush and progress to a stiffer model like a Christiansen #22 3/4 pin length (note: do not allow children to brush unsupervised - pins are sharp and can injure eye or make grooming unpleasant)
  • Slicker brush - small, only use for shaping hocks and feet, never for body as it will break the hair
  • Shedding rake - short tined, blue handled type is great
  • Nail grinder - begin with small clippers and switch to grinder, I recommend the Cordless Minimite Dremel - the secret to grinding is hold the nail tightly between 2 fingers so there is no vibration and only grind for a moment at a time so it doesn't get too hot, going from nail to nail and then back to the beginning again. Click here to see youtube video clips How to Use a Dremel Starring Henson and Dremel 2 Starring Torchy, filmed by Mulan Madden!
    Here is a link to a detailed description with photos of how a Doberman owner uses the dremel tool on her dog's nails.
  • Spray bottle - for coat conditioners mixed with water
  • Forced air blow dryer - a 2-speed model is best so you can use the lower speed for near the head/ears; Metro Commander AFTD 2-Speed Dryer or something similar is a great choice (do not use a human hair dryer on a dog - can burn the skin and is not forced air, it only dries - dog dryers are cooler air and puff out the coat by forcing air with power through the hair).

    WHERE TO BUY GROOMING TOOLS: Cherrybrook caters to show folks and is a great place to get all of the above grooming tools as well as show collars and resco leads. Foster & Smith also carries many grooming tools.
    Ryans has great prices and many tools used by professional groomers.


    Keep your puppy looking and smelling great with these products:

  • Coat Handler Conditioner - mix 25% CH/75% water in a spray bottle and spray on before brushing
  • Crown Royale Detangling Spray - perfect for keeping puppy fluff from snarling and for grooming spayed/neutered britches that tend to matt easily.
    It also smells delicious!
  • The Stuff - spray on as a burr preventative before hiking in the woods to repel sticky plants. Be careful not to spray on floors, its slippery stuff.
  • Cindra Super Coat Dressing - mix 25% SC/75% water in a spray bottle for a great smelling coat spray to use while brushing your puppy (for showdogs the mix is 50% SC/50% water used after applying Coat Handler, and blown dry with a forced air dog dryer)
  • Hypoallergenic Shampoo - you won't need to bathe your puppy much (frequent bathing can dry the skin) but if you do, use any mild hypoallergenic conditioning dog shampoo.

    WHERE TO BUY GROOMING PRODUCTS: Show Dog Store carries all the coat conditioning products I recommend.

  • LEARN HOW TO GROOM A BELGIAN FOR THE SHOW RING! While our breed is a "natural" one not needing extensive grooming for the show ring, there are still many things you can do to enhance your dog's best features and disguise faults. Learn from master groomer & artiste extraordinaire Russ Beach with his new DVD called Grooming From Nose To Tail & Handling. Order from the ABTC Store.

    FENCING   Your Belgian will need a fenced outdoor area to run and play in. Belgians are a herding breed and they therefore have a strong instinct to go after and round up other animals. Many have strong prey drive to chase anything running. Puppies and teenagers can't control these urges, and even the best trained adults that ordinarily stay in the yard may lapse to go after a deer or another dog or cat. It only takes one lapse to have a dead dog. Fencing = safety and more fun. In a fenced area, your pup won't have to be on lead and you can increase the amount of exercise it gets while playing with you; hide and seek, fetch the ball. Training is easier since your pup can learn how to listen off lead. Click here to view Photos and Fencing Designs, including different ways to fence even a big area attractively and inexpensively. Click here to read about Why Invisible Fencing is NOT for Belgians!

    FIRST AID KIT   The absolute best first aid book I have found is Hands On Dog Care The Complete Book of Canine First Aid, by Susan Copeland & John A Hamil DVM.

    Build your own first aid kit. Here's what's in mine:

  • Hydrogen peroxide - to clean scrapes and wounds, dilute with 1/2 water to treat hot spots, do not use full strength
  • Chlorhexidine - dilute with water, another good wound cleaner and disinfectant
  • Benedryl (25 mg, human pills) - for allergic reactions, insect bites and stings (call your vet, give 1-2 tabs per 50 LBs 2 times a day)
  • Antibacterial soap - Betadine
  • Chlorhexydine - dilute and keep in small spray bottle to spray on wounds
  • ISP ointment (order from 304-624-4730) - pack scrapes and cuts with this for rapid healing
  • Antibiotic ointment like Bacitraycin (human)
  • Horseman's Dream Veterinary Cream (horse/dog) -- prevents scarring and hair growing back white, contains Aloe Vera with viatamis A, E, D + wheat germ oil
  • Ascripton A/D (human) - buffered aspirin, easier on stomach than plain aspirin - give 1 325 mg tab per 50 LBs 2-3 times a day (note: can cause GI bleed in old dogs)
  • Liquid bandage (human) - good for cuts on bottom of the feet/pads (stings going on but then gives relief from pain and protects pad)
  • Bandage materials - nonstick gauze pads, maxi pads, sterile gauze wrap, tape, vetwrap (colorful flexible bandage rolls, do not wrap tight, they shrink!)
  • Blunt ended scissors - for cutting bandages or hair around wound, a human nose scissors works well
  • Small wire cutters - for cutting fish hook in skin or removing a staple
  • Thermometer (101.5-102 is normal for a dog)
  • Tweezers, mineral oil in a small plastic bottle (for tick removal)
  • Lacrilube-bland ophthalmic ointment (get from vet or vet supply catalog) - make sure it contains no steroid or antibiotic so that you can use it to protect the eye if ulcerated from an injury until you can get to a vet (steroid will make a hole in cornea if injured)
  • Contact saline solution (human) - great for cleaning wounds, irrigating eyes
  • Styptic powder - stops bleeding nails
  • Blue Heron capsules (homeopathic) - for diarrhea - order from Homeopathic Supplier Marina Zacharias 541-899-2080
  • Immodium (human) - for diarrhea, 1/2 to 1 tab, give one dose
  • Pepto Bismol - upset stomach, use liquid (give 1/2-3 tablespoons per 50 LBs), the tabs donŐt dissolve well in doggy tummies
  • Pepcid - for chronic urping, upset acid tummy, give 1 tab 10mg once a day
  • Witch Hazel or Calamine Lotion - drying anti-itch for minor hot spots
  • Gold bond powder - antibacterial, antifungal, anti-itch for minor hot spots
  • NeopPredef Powder (get from your vet) - for serious, raw hot spots
  • Cortisone cream (human) - for itching
  • Dramamine (human) - for car sickness, give 1 tab per 50 LBs 1 hr before car trip (or try ginger snaps)
  • Pedialyte (human) - for severe GI upset, after 24 hours of no food/water give in place of water, stays down well, or ice cubes, sweet tea, Gatorade
  • Dog booties - cordura with velcro fasteners - order from
  • Peppermint Extract (human, get at grocery or health food store) - paint pads to calm fears during t-storm or fireworks

    How to give pills: fold inside a small piece of American cheese, coat with cream cheese or peanut butter, or just place pill far back in throat and gently hold mouth closed while stroking throat until puppy swallows.

    An Anesthetic Primer for the Belgian Owner, by Libbye Miller DVM
    This online article by veterinarian and Tervuren breeder Dr. Libbye should be required reading for Belgian owners. Be educated about Belgians and drug sensitivities before you go to your vet.

    ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center (888) 4ANI-HELP or (888) 426-4435
    This is the only dedicated animal poison control hotline in the world manned by veterinarians, not telephone operators. The number is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    Top Ten Toxins: 1. Acetominophen (Tylenol) 2. Non-Steroidals (Advil, Ibuprofen, Alleve) 3. Antifreeze 4. Cleaning Products 5. Rodent poisons 6. Insecticides, fertilizer, Weed Killers 7. Prescription Drugs 8. Pennies (Zinc is toxic - since 1982 pennies have zinc) 9. Japanese Yew 10. Spiders and Snakes * GET THE CONTAINER!!!

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