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CH LandmarkMontage Puppet On A String HT, STDs "Roux"
Multi CH Belamba Seaflower Montage CD, PT, JHD, CGC, TDI,TT, P-BAR, C-BAR "George" (import, England)
x Am. CH Bergeau Arlequin Replica "Piper" (import, England)
04/25/05 - 07/26/16
DOB 04/25/05  Owned by: Pam & Stu Edgecombe, co-owned with Landmark and Montage   Bred by: Darlene Hernandez & Kathy Madden
OFA Hips Good BT-5071G42F-VPI   Elbows Normal BT-EL2343F42-VPI   Scissors bite  Full Dentition

Roux is a very talented herding dog!

Roux at 2 years old

Pam and Roux

Roux on the HT Course

7 months

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Kathy Madden
Montage Tervuren
New York, NY USA